Who is Akemari Studios?

Akemari Studios is a video game developer created by Akemari (Marissa Vance) in 2016.  The studio doesn't have any particular specialty when it comes to games, instead focuses on the idea of "Making Games Sexy" which you could say is it's mission statement.  In the long term they hope to continue producing evocative games, and eventually release a commercially successful AO (Adult Only) game worldwide.


Can I buy physical games here?

Unfortunately we do not sell physical games directly to the consumer at this time.  We would happily accommodate you with a digital copy if you'd like, otherwise please make your way to one of our fine retailers.


Where can I buy games?

Currently our games are only available digitally, through AKEMARI.COM and STEAMPOWERED.COM, however we are currently looking to expand our distribution network over the remainder of 2017.


Are your games safe for work/streaming?

While we would not recommend playing our games at work, every Akemari Studios game will have built in settings that allow for streaming, or simply a less scandalous gameplay experience.  Ensure you have your game tuned to "Safe" or "Streaming" mode before playing if your streaming platform requires it.